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Lancer Evolution 8 Weight Savings

What can I do to save weight on my Evo 8

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Freebie parts removal and mods list

Spare Tire, Jack, and Tool drops 37 lbs carpet and lining 4 additional lbs see post # 11 for how to info

Intake Bracket & EGR drops 5lbs

FMIC Sprayer Bottle drops 5.4lbs (empty) 11.5lbs(full)

Firewall Sound Deadening drops 14.2 lbs rubber pad

Floor Mats drops 5 lbs all 4

Brake dust shields drops 1.5 lbs

A/C Fan drops 6.4 lbs

AC Bracket drops 4 lbs

Compressor drops 14.1 lbs

Condenser w/ lines drops 9.8 lbs

Evap / Purge Stuff drops 9 lbs

Catalytic Converter drops 10.5 lbs

rear evo 8/9 wing drops 7 lbs

Rear Seat (bottom) drops 9.5 lbs

Rear Seat (top) drops 14.5 lbs

Rear speakers drops 8.8 lbs

Wiper Fluid Tank empty ???? full drops 8.3 lbs

Rear Wiper Assembly drops 5 lbs

Front strut tower brace drops 8lbs

3 under dash/steering column brackets drops 3 lbs

full E brake assembly backing plates, cables, full E brake assembly/mounting bracket drops 10 lbs NOTE'' you will not have an E brake for the street driven evo's

Heater core drops 10 lbs

Blower motor assembly drops 5.5 lbs

exhaust heat shield above the drive shaft drops 2 lbs

sound deadening under carpets ,,black tar looking stuff'' drops 11lbs if ALL of it is removed from floor, fire wall, under rear seats

2 cross braces and bolts from K member saves???????

Front Bumper Support drops 13lbs NOT RECOMMENDED

Rear Bumper Support drops 17 lbs NOT RECOMMENDED

Driver Side Airbag drops 5 lbs NOT RECOMMENDED

Passenger Side Airbag drops 6.1 lbs NOT RECOMMENDED

Rear Seat belts drops10 lbs NOT RECOMMENDED

Aftermarket purchased weight reduction/lighter then stock parts list

engine/drive train

1. AMS power steering delete kit - saves 11 lbs

2. AMS front cross member - saves 7 lbs from the stock cross member

3. AMS rear Mustache Bar Eliminator kit - saves 13 lbs

4. Buschur Racing rear differential support "mustache bar" - saves 12.7 lbs

5. Buschur Racing Side Differential Support bracket - saves 5 lbs from the stock side diff brackets

6. AMS lightened drive shaft - saves 14.5 lbs 12 lbs rotational savings

7. AVID passenger side motor mount - saves 2 lbs from the stock motor mount

8. Torqline CTG Carbon Fiber Driveshaft - saves ???????

9. CBRD light weight radiator WITH FAN saves 11.5 lbs WITH OUT FAN saves 12.5 lbs over stock

10. Buschur Racing/Fluidyne small radiator saves 6.8 lbs from stock radiator

11. AMS small/half size radiator kit with 12 inch spal fan saves 10 lbs over stock with stock fan


1. AMS turbo back exhaust saves 20lbs over the stock TBE

2. Buschur Racing turbo back exhaust saves 37 lbs over the stock TBE

exterior body

1. 4. AMS carbon fiber roof - saves 45 lbs with sunroof - 16 lbs without sun roof - 7 lbs RS/MR roof

2. Downforce composites carbon fiber hood weighs 11lbs 7.5 lbs lighter then stock hood

3. Downforce composites carbon fiber trunk weighs 7 lbs 15 lbs lighter then stock trunk



1. Giro Disk 2 piece aluminum hat front rotors saves 4 lbs PER side 4 lbs rotational savings over stock rotor's

2. giro disk 2 piece aluminum hat rear rotors saves ????????

3. AMS/Wilwood Lightweight Brake Kit Front saves 32 lbs 22 lbs rotational savings

4. AMS/Wilwood Lightweight Brake Kit, Rear saves 22 lbs 17 lbs rotational savings


1. Apexi N1 coil overs weigh 34 lbs saves 31 lbs over stock

2. Tein double adjustable aluminum coil overs 46 lbs saves 19lbs over stock

3. HKS Hypermax weighs 46.8 lbs saves 18.2 lbs over stock

4. Tein Super Street coil overs weighs 52 lbs saves 13 lbs over stock

5. MAGEN Racing coil overs street weighs 45 lbs saves 20 lbs over stock suspension

Future parts we would like to see made from our vendors for more weight reduction

1. front evo 8/9 tubular k member

thanks to dave for the following. thats a huge !@#$%. i mean list

Stock EVO exhaust, 60 pounds.

BR 3" turbo back offroad exhaust, 23 pounds

BR 3.5” turbo back w/Burns race muffler, 27.4 pounds

Stock under tie bars (2) with bolts, 2.5 pounds

BR battery kit, 17 pounds

Stock EVO battery, 37 pounds

Front bumper beam, 13 pounds

Rear bumper beam, 17 pounds

Jack, tool, spare tire, 37 pounds

Intake bracket and EGR valve, 5 pounds

ACD Unit in front fascia, 25 pounds

Rear window, 13.5 pounds

Front window, 25 pounds

Lexan front, 8 pounds

Lexan rear, 6.3 pounds

I/C Spray bottle, empty 5.4 pounds, full 11.5 pounds

Rear washer bottle, empty 8 pounds

BR intake, 4.1 less than stock

Interior carpet padding and misc brackets, 17.5 pounds

Rear fuel tank evaporator, 8.5 pounds

A/C compressor and condensor, 29.6 pounds

Steering column plastic/meal insert, 1 pound

Magnaflow muffler w/tip 11.4#

Bullet muffler w/tip 6.7#

Stock radiator, 9.7 pounds

Small fluidyne radiator, 6.8 pounds

RS non-power mirror, 2.4# with nuts

Wiper motor and wiper arms, 7.7#’s

Race FMIC, 27.1#’s

BFIC, 29.9 #’s

Street FMIC, 23.7#’s

Stock EVO8-9 FMIC, 10.8#’s

Stock complete driveshaft w/carriers attached, 38.1#

DEVO driveshaft also complete, 27.9#

AWD Motorsports complete driveshaft, 26.1#

CCW wheels w/o spacer 16x9, 17.5 pounds

CCW's with Hooser QTP 26x9.5x16, 34.4 pounds

SSR's w/Trampio's, 39.8 pounds each

SSR's with Neova's, 42 pounds each

EVO 9 wheel, 20.2 pounds

BFG Drag radial 225-45-17, 23.2 pounds

TSW 18” wheels w/Mickey Thompson 245-40-18 drag radials, 45# each

Volk TE37 18x8.5 +40mm, with Nitto 555R 255-35-18, 43.4#

*245-40-17, largest tire that will fit on EVO without fender rolling

League 17x8.5x17 with M/T motorcycle slick, 32#

Stock EVO8 with M/T motorcycle click, 32.2#

CCW's w/26x10.5x16 M/T ET Streets, 39.1#

Stock side differential support, 4.5# each

BR billet side diff support, 2# each

Rear differential aluninum bushings 1.3 pound

Stock front center member, 9.4 pound

BR center member, 2.9 pound

Stock mustache bar, 15.9 pound

BR mustache bar, 3.2 pound

Stock EVO8 rear control arm 7#

AP adjustable control arm 6.3#

BR Seat lower brackets, -2# total doing both seats

Stock EVO8 strut tower bar, 7.3 pounds

DC Sports titanium bar, 2.4 pounds

DMS 50 mm suspension 58.2 pounds

Stock EVO suspension, 64.6 pounds

Tein Super Streets, 52 pounds

Tein DBL adjustable aluminum, 46 pounds

Apexi N1's, 34 pounds (10 pounds ea. front and 7 pounds each rear)

Meagan Racing coil over 12.3# front, 8.6# rear

HKS Hypermax Front 13.7#, rear 9.8#

Apexi S1’s, 51 pounds, 15.2# front, 10.3# rear

D2’s, front 10.8 #, rear 7.5#

Robispec (Fiber Images) hood, 9.9 pounds

trunk, 9.5 pounds

trunk skin, 4.4 pounds

VIS carbon fiber hood, 21.6 pounds

Stock EVO hood, 20.2 pounds

VIS carbon fiber trunk, 11.9 pounds

Stock trunk lid, no wing, 22.5 pounds

Stock trunk lid with factory wing 28.8#

Stock front rotor, 21.35 pounds

Stock front caliper, 10.5 pounds

Stock rear rotor, 14.6 pounds

Stop Tech, 335 mm rotor, 17.5 pounds

Stop Tech, caliper, 11.5 pounds

Giro Disc front rotor, 17.4 pounds

Giro Disc rear rotor, 11.1 pounds

Giro Disc front drag rotor, 13#

Giro Disc rear drag rotor, 9#

Performance Friction front rotor, 17.8 pounds

Project Mu front rotor, 18 pounds

Bear front rotors, 15.8 pounds

Wilwood front rotor, 10#

Wilwood rear rotor, 6.4#

Baer Eradi Speed front rotor, 15.5#

Baer Eradi Speed rear rotor, 11.4#

Stock 2 liter crankshaft, 31.5 pounds

Stock 2.4 liter crankshaft, 35.5 pounds

2 liter crank with counterweights cut down 30.5 pounds

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