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The last small component to remove on the front oem suspension are the sway bar end links. Use a 14mm socket on the nut side and an Allen wrench on the bolt to remove the end links. If you don’t have replacement sway bar end links, then leave the end links on.

Stance supplies the extra end links which are a little bit longer to adjust for the small changes in geometry. Since we had new end links in our kit, we removed the oem end links entirely and swapped in the new ones. We then proceeded to repeat this process for both sides.

At this point you should find a box, crate, or use the jack (or if you have a friend helping like us, he or she will do) to support the front lower control arm as the whole front oem suspension will soon be disconnected from the stock suspension and fall.

Use a 19 mm ratchet on the nut side of the strut housing to spindle bolts and a 19 mm combination wrench to secure the bolt on the opposite side. There are two of these bolts per side.

Then proceed to remove the two upper, shock tower bolts, they are 14mm nuts. While holding the strut against the car we remove both of them gently. Here a helper is really useful in order for to maintain the strut in place while you remove it and prevent it from crashing to the ground.