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We chose to use 6 kg/mm Swift springs in front & 7 kg/mm Swift springs in the rear, which are the standard spring rates that come with most coilovers. You can go stiffer or softer depending on your personal preference and the guys over at Swift Springs will move heaven and earth to get you the preferred settings you require.

Finally, once our coilovers have been assembled, we picked an initial ride height by loosening the lowest collar & spinning the housing as necessary. Make sure that the same is done for all sides in order to reduce changes once the coilvers are on the car.

For initial ride height, we used whatever came from Stance. Our front coilovers were set at 16.25″ to 16.5″, measured from the top of the top plate (ignoring the studs) to the center of the bottom strut mounting bolt. The rear coilovers are set between 14.75″ to 15″, measured from the top of the top plate to the middle of the bottom eyelet.

Some coilovers can go super low but we decided to keep the stock height and then adjust as needed once the coils were on the car.