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Nissan 240sx

The 240SX is a sports car that was introduced to the North American market by Nissan in 1988 for the following model year (1989). It has a tremendous cult following and this is a page archiving some of the more popular mods to the car.

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What are all the S13 & RPS13 Consumables

What are the measurements for all fluids, lubricants, or maintenance items for the Nissan S13/RPS13 240SX?

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Fluid Quantities

Auto Transmisison - 7.9L

Brakes - 0.7L (approximately)

Clutch - 0.4L (approximately)

Coolant - 7.0L (including reservoir)

Engine - 3.7L (3.5L without filter) or +1L (Greddy oil pan)

LSD Differential - 1.8L

Manual Transmission - 2.4L

Power Steering - 0.9L

Fluid Types

Auto Transmisison - DEXRON Type ATF fluid

Brakes - DOT3/4/5.1

Clutch - DOT3/4/5.1

Coolant - 70% Water, 30% Green Coolant (Ethelyene Glycol Anti-freeze)

Engine Oil - 5w30/40, 10w30/50 (API SF/CC, SF/CD, SE, SG or SH*1) Motul 4100/8100 TurboLight, Motul 300V, Mobil 1 Synthetic

General Grease Lithium-based grease - NLGI #2

LSD Differential - 80w90 (API GL-5)

Manual Transmission - 75w85 (API GL-4)

Power Steering - DEXRON Type ATF fluid


Oil Filter - Ryco Z442 or equivalent (must contain anti-drainback valve)

Air Filter - Ryco A360

Fuel Filter - Z201, Z202 (upgrade)

Spark Plugs

OEM Gap - 0.9mm, Regap to 0.7 or 0.8 if running high boost

Heat Range - NGK 6 is factory. Go one plug colder for every 100HP of extra power. Nitrous Oxide Do not use Platinum plugs. Copper and Iridium only.

0-200kw (<14psi Boost) Heat Range NGK 6

-NGK PFR6B-9 (Platinum 0.9mm gap)

-NGK BKR6E (Copper 0.8mm gap)

-NGK BKR6E-11 (Copper 1.1mm gap – regap them)

-NGK BKR6EIX (Iridium 0.7mm gap)

-NGK BCPR6ES (Platinum 0.8mm gap)

-NGK BCPR6ES-11 (Platinum 1.1mm gap – regap them)

200kw+ (>14psi Boost) Heat Range NGK 7

-NGK BKR7ES (Copper - V-power range)

-NGK BKR7ES-11 (Copper

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